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LabPlay Studio is a design thinking and strategic research agency that creates human centred user experiences that achieve social change. 

LabPlay Studio

LabPlay Studio is an independent design thinking and research agency that uses creativity, strategic design and research to create innovative solutions.



Dr Vanley Burke is a seminal black and white photographer, artist and painter. He is often refered as the Grandfather of Black British photography


Vanley Burke is a renowned photographer concerned especially with black culture in Britain, and his iconic images have captured the evolving cultural landscape, social change, and stimulated debate in the United Kingdom over the past four decades.



Design Thinking sessions exploring embedding innovation to create organisational and cultural change with Birmingham City University and Carey Burke

Exploring Innovative Cultures

Birmingham City University is funding research into ‘innovatively-orientated’ cultures within organisations in the West Midlands. The goal of the research is to investigate how design thinking as an approach can construct or reproduce an innovative culture, whereby organisations can achieve their objectives.

BCU Design Thinking Project