I advocate interdisciplinary methods and pragmatic tools. I like exploring new ways of working, new ways of doing, and new ways of thinking.


There’s a theory that says that life is based on a competition and the struggle and the fight for survival, and it’s interesting because when you look at the fractal character of evolution, it’s totally different. It’s based on cooperation among the elements in the geometry and not competition.
— Bruce Lipton


I enjoy supporting businesses, innovators and social entrepreneurs, and take a human-centred approach to solving problems, consultancy and influencing change.

In life and business I use creative and analytical thinking to imagine, solve and create practical innovative solutions and strive to design great experiences. 

Meanwhile, the research enthusiast in me believes investigating or critically analysing the relationship between individuals and actors, agencies or structures at both the macro and micro level is great fun. 


  • International Relations and International Development.
  • Design Thinking Service Design and Innovation.
  • Public Policy, Global Policy and Social Change. 
  • Creativity, Arts, Heritage and Culture.
  • Collaboration, Co-Design and Co-Learning.
  • Creating, Drawing and Painting.
  • Playing the Ukulele (not very well).